Idwala View is a Green Zone

At Idwala View we have created an eco-friendly system that is kind to the surrounding environment. We are striving to become one of the most environmentally friendly self-catering lodges in the Mabalingwe Nature Reserve.

We have implemented a number of small touches to help us reduce our carbon footprint and make it a safer and healthier world for our guests and surrounds.

Cleaning Products

Biodegradable Earth-Conscious Cleaning Agents and Bath Products are provided for guest use.

Toilet Tissue

It is not because we are cheap, it is because we care that we supply Single Ply Toilet Tissue made from recycled paper.

Waste and Recycling

Mabalingwe has a recycling program that we participate in. Tins, glass, plastic, paper and cardboard recyclables are placed in the green bag compartment of the waste bin in the scullery and all other household waste are placed in the black bag compartment of the waste bin. This eases the workload of the Mabalingwe sorting team and results in a cleaner environment.

Bedding and Sheets

Made from 100% Percale Cotton and low-impact dyes.


We have installed energy efficient and water saving appliances.


We use energy efficient light bulbs (LED & CFL’s) that consume 75% less energy than “old-school” incandescent bulbs.


All bedrooms and living areas have ceiling fans that has been proven to be 4 times more energy efficient than air conditioners. Used in conjunction with some of the windows that can safely be left open, there is more than enough cross breezes to cool down the rooms.

Heating and Cooking

We have installed instant gas water heaters that use safe and environmentally friendly fuel sources (LPG) and also saves on greenhouse carbon emissions. The cooker in the kitchen uses gas as it’s main source of energy.

Back-up Power

Solar inverter back-up during loadshedding and power outages.

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